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Tentang Saya

Hi all, I'm Italo, a fully qualified English/Italian teacher currently based in England.
I spent 8 years of my career working as a financial advisor in England, when I made up my mind that I wanted to change and try a new career field.
So in 2018, I began to teach English at Cambridge Regional College, where I had a great opportunity to teach practise different groups of young learners at the elementary/pre-intermediate level. During that time, I also managed to achieve my Celta certificate in Cambridge UK. I've been now teaching English/Italian online for more than 3 years, having taught students aged between 4 years old to 60 and believe me, I'm enthusiastic about it. As far as teaching young learners is concerned, I've seen that my outgoing personality and natural approach with kids matches well with their needs, thus making classes smooth and enjoyable for them. (I consider myself lucky to be a dad of 2 years old baby girl). Teaching kids might be more challenging/intimidating at the beginning, but if they like you and you manage to keep them engaged with creative and entertaining activities, it can turn out to be very rewarding for teachers, as there's nothing better than a happy child, smiling at you, as they are happy with your class and way to teach.
I look forward to seeing many of you in my classes then. Thanks
Teacher Italo

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    Liceo Ginnasio Domenico Morea ( Italy)


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  • 20202021
    Cambridge Regional College

    Celta English Teacher

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  • Teaches adults and young learners. Cambridge Celta qualified(ESL) -

  • 2021 Sijil disahkan
    Cambridge Celta Certificate (EFL Diploma) - Cambridge Regional College