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  • Mengajar: english (penutur asli, american)
  • Bertutur: english, serbian, italian, jerman
  • Pengkhususan: IELTS, Mengajar dewasa
  • Minat: Painting Drawing Singing Reading Cooking
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Tentang Saya

Hi there, students! My name is Veljko. I spent more than 8 years living in Washington, America, where I was born. I currently live in Serbia. I'm a person who enjoys interacting with others. I've so far mastered three foreign languages, including German, French, and Serbian, all because I love to socialize. My life's mission is to never give up and to consistently achieve my goals. With that approach, I was able to accomplish a lot in both sports and academics. My interests include video games, reading, music, watching movies, and fitness modeling. In addition to being an economist, I am a certified TEFL teacher. Asian history and culture also attract me. You might be wondering why I wrote all of this. The solution is really fairly easy. I wish to teach you native-speaker fluency in English and pass along my mindset.
I have more than 4 years of experience teaching students of all ages, and I must admit that I really like being a tutor for younger generations. They make working with them a blast, and they always seem eager to learn. Since I care about my students, I take delight in assisting others in succeeding. I look forward to seeing you in the classroom.

  • 20202025
    University of Economy In Belgrade


    Bachelor's In Finance

Pengalaman bekerja
  • 20192023
    "Native Camp", "Cambly" and "Magic Ears".

    English Teacher

Sijil dan diploma
  • 2023 Sijil disahkan
    IELTS Preparation - University of California, Irvine

  • 2023 Sijil disahkan
    Arizona State University TESOL - Arizona State University