Our school's courses

  • Playing Minecraft

    Playing Minecraft

    Does your child love to create their own worlds or watch Minecraft streams for hours? Let this hobby be useful from now on.

  • Nature and animals

    Nature and animals

    Is your child interested in animals? Then, together with Charlie-the-fox, we will study animals in English.

  • Constructor


    Is it impossible to take a step in your apartment without stumbling upon the construction details? We created an entire LEGO world for a child to learn English.

  • Young artist

    Young artist

    Does your child love to draw so much that there is no more space on the walls? Direct the creative energy in a useful way! We will draw the world around and learn to speak about it in English.

  • Princesses


    Is it hard to convince your cartoon lover to study? With the help of our princesses, no more persuading is needed. Each lesson is a little English adventure.

  • Sports and dancing

    Sports and dancing

    Little athletes need to know English for a more successful future. We will not only master the necessary grammar, but also devote time to sports terminology, chants and commands.