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8 lessons
Auto-renewal every month
.33 $
per lesson
2 lessons per week
100% of unused lessons turn into bonuses
12 lessons
Auto-renewal every month
.00 $
per lesson
Discount 15%
3 lessons per week
100% of unused lessons turn into bonuses
Half of the course
36 lessons
One-time payment
.20 $
per lesson
Discount 25%
Lessons don't expire
Full course
72 lessons
One-time payment
.48 $
per lesson
Discount 40%
Lessons don't expire
Money back guarantee for unused lessons
Payment without linking a bank card
Lessons don't expire
Speaking Clubs as a gift
Mobile game as a gift
Frequently Asked Questions
How to choose a teacher category: standard, premium, native?
All our teachers have passed a three-stage selection, have a certificate and experience working with children. Standard - certified English teachers with experience working with children. Premium - certified children's teachers who are fluent in English. Native speaker - native speakers from the USA and the UK with international certificates teaching English to children.
What lesson duration would suit my child: 25 or 55 minutes?
We recommend 25 minute lessons for children under 10 years old and 55 minutes for children aged 11 and over.
How many Speaking Club lessons will we get as a gift?
Speaking Clubs are group activities with a teacher and peers, the purpose of which is to develop and improve the speaking skills of a child. For students of the school, Speaking Clubs are free and included in the package with individual lessons. The number of lessons in the Speaking Club cannot exceed the number of individual lessons in the purchased package. Enrollment in a Speaking Club is possible if there is at least 1 booked lesson on the balance or within 7 days from the date of the last paid lesson.
Why do you need a mobile game?
All students of our school get free access to an interactive game in the All Right mobile application. The child learns and repeats words and phrases after the game character Charlie-the-Fox, which helps with training pronunciation and replenishing vocabulary. Taking a few minutes a day to play with Charlie will keep your child interested in language learning.
If the child does not like it or we buy too many lessons, will it be possible to get a refund?
You can return funds for unused lessons at any time. Refunds are made within 10 working banking days. We recommend that you read the user agreement, which describes in detail all the obligations of the All Right school.
Can the school store and use the card details of the clients?
Your payment data cannot be transferred to third parties or used to make payments without your knowledge, as they are protected by international payment systems. If the student chooses the “Subscription” service, the function of monthly automatic debiting of funds from the card is activated. All Right does not take part in the collection and processing of payment data, you provide them directly to the payment systems through which you make a payment on the website. The All Right School only receives a notification from the respective payment service provider whether the payment was completed successfully. Details of the use of user data can be viewed on the site you can find out by reading our privacy policy.
Can all money be charged from the card when paying on the website?
When paying for lessons, you pay only for the number of lessons you have chosen. The school does not charge fees in excess of what is shown on the payment page. If you made an erroneous payment - write to Support at and we will refund your funds.
Will the subscription still be charged after it is disabled on the site?
No. You can unsubscribe at any time - then automatic payments will stop immediately. Read our article on how to do it.
Will the teacher change after paying for the lessons?
In most cases, our students stay with the teacher with whom they had a trial lesson. For each student, we select a teacher before the trial lesson, based on their preferences, interests and convenient class time. At the same time, you always have the opportunity to change the teacher and choose it yourself.
Are there any bonuses and promotions for new and regular students?
“Fast payment” - when paying within 24 hours after completing the trial lesson, you get a bonus + 1 free lesson. “Invite a friend” - for each invited friend who bought a package of lessons or subscribed, we will give 2 lessons to you and a friend. “Good attendance” - for regular students we give bonuses for good attendance. Bonuses are automatically credited at the beginning of the next month if you have 16 or more individual lessons with a teacher in the current month.
What is lesson expiration and bonus balance?
If your subscription period has ended, and unbooked lessons remain on your balance, the cost of unused lessons will be transferred to the Bonus balance. The amount on the bonus balance can be used when paying for the next lessons, but not more than 25% of the amount of the next payment.