Silvia  P.

Silvia P. Tutor de língua inglesa para crianças

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Professional IELTS, TOEFL, Ensina adultos, Teach kids teacher with 17 years of experience teaching English

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  • 1994 1999

    G.Deledda Foreign Languages and Literatures High School

    FOREIGN LANGUAGES & LITERATURES-Italian -English-French & Spanish associated Language and Literature.

    Italian 5 Years State Diploma

  • 1999 2000


    Work & Study program 1999-2000

    Associated Certification

  • 2002 2019


    EASA -FAA -GCAA Instructor Pilot Aviation

    Associated Aviation Degrees

Experiência profissional

  • 1999 2010

    Various Working Experiences-Europe and North Africa

    During academic studies achieved experience in the hospitality sector as a contact animator in North Africa; Stewardess and Cabin Crew Manager for regional carriers

  • 2006 2010

    English at Home - Rome

    English Teaching -Training Experience English at Home - RomeFounder of an organization that assisted families in preparing their children to achieve fluency in spoken and written English. Assisted by a pool of 10 international tutors/students in order to provide a wider service in the Italian Capital.

  • 2013 2017

    Ground Classroom & Flight Instructor-Dubai CAE Flight Academy

    Managed classroom and flight training for various international clients. Taught various technical subjects including CRM and Human factors. All classes are held in English.

  • 2021 2023

    SHARAN - India - Remote position

    Specialized in vegan whole plant-based meals. Passionate food enthusiast, and dedicated to sharing knowledge and skills with paying customers. Helping them to create delicious and healthy meals that align with their dietary preferences. Through the worldwide online classes, aim to inspire and empower others to make positive changes in their lives, one meal at a time.

  • 2022 2023

    After School Tutor-primary school

    After-school freelance teacher, performing basic Vegan cooking classes, additionally crafting activities such as sewing, knitting, and painting to keep students engaged and foster their creativity and fine motor skills. Classes are in English for German and Danish students aged from 6 to 15 years old.

Certificados e diplomas

  • 2018

    ICAO level 5- CAE- CEFR C1-IELTS 7 - Anglo Continental

  • 2023

    Teacher Training Level 3 Certificate - EdLearn

    Certificado confirmado
  • 2023

    Tesol 120 hours - ICOES-International open Academy

    Certificado confirmado
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My name is Silvia, I am 42 years old and a mom of two kids of 6 and 8 years old. I am originally from Italy. I now live in the South of Denmark with my family. I have been teaching English since 2006 and I obtained my English Level Certificate at ICAO Level 5 Advanced. This certification is equal to the Cambridge Exam CAE, CEFR C1, and IELTS -7.0. , and I hold a TESOL certificate too. As a native Italian, I am well prepared to help any student who wishes to learn or improve their English, but I am also fluent in Spanish and French too. In the last 17 years I worked with students from all over the world. I love teaching English to children from 3 to 12 years old and learn together more and more. My range covers Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced students. In my classes, I use a variety of engaging materials, like videos, audios, drawings, games , and interactive exercises. I also give regular feedback and support; track progress and find areas to improve. I am passionate, experienced, and a dedicated teacher, always ready to help.
  • Experiência profissional 17 years
  • Ensina a partir de 3 years
  • Aula a partir de US$ 0,5
  • Fala: inglês, italiano nativo, francês, espanhol
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