Gracella L.

Gracella L. – репетитор английского для детей

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Профессиональный преподаватель Учу детей, IELTS с 2-летним опытом работы учителем английского языка

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  • 2019 – 202

    Surigao Del Norte State University


    Bachelor of Secondary Education

Опыт работы

  • 2021 – 2023


    ESL teacher

Сертификаты и дипломы

  • 2023

    Diploma - Surigao Del Norte State University

    Сертификат подтвержден
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Good day! I'm Teacher Gracella your enthusiastic ESL teacher, and I'm excited to go on this language-learning journey with you. With more than two years of experience teaching ESL, I've had the privilege of assisting many students as they navigate the fascinating and occasionally difficult process of learning a new language. I'm here to make sure that our courses are not just instructional but also full with laughter, wonder, and special moments since I genuinely believe that learning a new language should be a joyful and exciting trip. Prepare to delve enthusiastically into the world of English as a result, as together, we'll open the doors to efficient communication and expand your horizons in a fun and engaging way! 🚀😊
  • Опыт работы 2 года
  • обучаю от 3 до 14 лет
  • Урок от 0,5 $
  • Говорю: английский, тагальский родной
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