• Working experience 2 years
  • Teach: english (native)
  • Speak: english
  • Specialization: Teaches adults, IELTS
  • Interests: reading books singing learning something new teaching composing songs,poems and stories
  • Learn from 3 years old
  • (16)
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About Me

Hi! I am Teacher Juvy. I am a certified TESOL and TEFL holder. In addition, I am also an Education Graduate Major in English. I also studied 2 years in Mass Communication. I love reading books during my leisure time. When I feel lonely, I lift myself up by writing poems, stories, books and quotes to express what I feel. I love to describe what I exactly feel through writing. I find it challenging to find the best and appropriate words to describe a specific thing, event, etc. I am a deep thinker and I love doing something with uniqueness and quality. I am flexible in all type of activities and I had been loving the English language when I was young. I teach and observe students. I am willing to adjust, if necessary. I am willing to translate words to meet the needs of the learner. I am a learner-centered teacher and I am determined to do all means possible to help students learn, improve and be excellent in all their masterpiece. I have been teaching English for 2 years and it’s my pleasure to add those experiences by learning with you.

  • 20152019
    Father Saturnino Urios University


    Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English

Working experience
  • Feb 20,2020September 3

    Online Tutor

Certificates and diplomas
  • 2019 Certificate confirmed
    Diploma - Father Saturnino Urios University

  • 2021 Certificate confirmed
    TEFL - Teacher record