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  • 2008 – 2013

    Zaporizhzhia National University


    Specialist (equivalent to the Master)

Çalışma deneyimi

  • 2020 – 2023

    Zaporizhzhia State Medical and Pharmaceutical University

    Head of the International Relations Department

Sertifikalar ve diplomalar

  • 2013

    Diploma - Zaporizhzhia National University

    Sertifika onaylandı
  • 2023

    The 120 Teaching English as Foreign Language Course - TEFL Professional Institute - Teacher Record

    Sertifika onaylandı
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Hello, my name is Alona, I am 31 y.o. and I’m an English teacher. I have been teaching English for over 5 years, both on-line and offline. In terms of my qualifications, I obtained degree in English language at Zaporizhzhia National University, and I graduated in 2013. I applied for PhD studies in 2017 but had to quit due to the war. I am from Ukraine, and I currently live in of the most picturesque cities of Ukraine - Zaporizhzhia. I enjoy travelling to foreign countries, I have already visited England, Italy, Austria, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, the Check Republic. My hobbies include cooking and watching sitcoms in English language. I enjoy reading and spending time with my friends in my free time. Over the past 10 years I had a wonderful opportunity to work with a diverse group of students. More than 2 years of my work at Zaporizhzhia State Medical University I have been teaching English for Ukrainian medical students and delivered Latin for medical purposes to foreign students from India, Nigeria, Gana, Morocco etc. I worked with groups of students consisting of 8-12 pupils each, as well as conducted individual trainings. Students considered me as passionate, approachable and motivating teacher, who fostered a fun, engaging and positive learning environment. Considering my leading position, I was also engaged in the planning and development exchange programs for staff and students. In my free time I conduct personal classes for children of different age and level of English. I love working with children. The speed they absorb foreign language encourages for further teaching. One of my greatest strengths as an educator is meeting each student with personal understanding. Furthermore, I ensure that all students are able to grasp learning and enhance all required skills by participating in fun activities.
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  • Konuşun: i̇ngilizce, ukraynaca yerli
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