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from 4 to 12 years
  • Game-based lessons
  • We dedicate 50% of the lesson time to speaking practice
  • 28,000 children have already started speaking English with us!
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How our lessons are conducted

Interactive platform

A classroom carefully designed to ensure our students' success. Themed games, homework assignments, and tasks based on interests involve the child in the learning process from the very first second.

Как это работает?

Studying according to Cambridge and CEFR standards

We utilize the effective methods of Total Physical Response (TPR) and Cambridge Communication. Based on the results of passing the classes, our students take an internal exam and confirm the level of language proficiency according to the international standard.

Как это работает?

Individual approach

1-on-1 lessons with a teacher. We take the characteristics of each child into account. We create an educational plan based on personal goals, interests and level of language proficiency. After each lesson, we send the teacher's feedback detailing the child's progress.

Как это работает?

Mobile app for children and parents

The student will be able to study English anywhere, a phone is all that's required. The app includes game tasks to consolidate educational material and practice pronunciation. It also features a convenient interface for scheduling lessons and monitoring the dynamics of learning.

Как это работает?

International Speaking Clubs

All of our students attend thematic group classes with peers from different countries. The students are able to immerse themselves in the language environment, practice speaking skills, learn to express themselves and share thoughts in English.

Как это работает?

Lessons cost

4 lessons
Easy start
$13.30 / lesson
8 lessons
$12 / lesson
12 lessons
$10.70 / lesson
60 lessons
$7.90 / lesson
  • Individual lessons with a teacher
  • Lessons of 25 and 55 minutes
  • International Speaking Clubs - free of charge
  • Lessons don't expire

Why All Right?


Individual online lessons

Your child can learn from the comfort of your own home. Save time on tedious commuting. The online format allows you to create your own convenient time schedule.


Lessons that kids love

During classes, we discuss MINECRAFT, read HARRY POTTER or choose other topics to suit your child's interests, this ensures every lesson is fun and tailored perfectly to the student.


Peace of mind for parents

We will select a teacher, create a convenient studying schedule, remind you of the lessons and control the assimilation of knowledge.


Speaking practice

We help your child overcome their language barrier and develop speaking skills. In each lesson, the student is encouraged to speak a minimum of 50% of the time. We also practice conversational English with peers in small groups.

Feedback from parents

Vladislav and Valentina

The child (6 years old) really likes it. We attend both individual lessons and group conversation clubs (3-6 children at a time). Lessons in a fun way. Highly recommend.

Gheorghe Madalina and Gheorghe Ilinca

I am very happy with this school. My little girl had a "test" lesson, and since then every day she asks me if she has English, because she really likes it. And she is very happy with the teacher and the discounts are pleasing.

Cyril and Victoria

Good day to all. I really like English for children in your school. The child is looking forward to the lessons. We like the teacher Julia so much that I am waiting for the lesson with the child :)))

Raluca and Sara

My 4 year old girl was worried. A very kind and patient teacher, and the lessons are so exciting that the child wants the lesson to come as soon as possible

Maja i Paulina

Lessons with teacher Kamila are interesting, fun, and we really enjoy learning English with her. The teacher helps and does not mind playing educational games

Bartosz i Joanna

I recommend studying at All Right School :) My son love lessons with his teacher and literally waiting to the next one. I see his envolvement and progress. Support always helps if any question appears& Recommend

AllRight.com 4.9 from 5

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