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English lessons for kids online

  • Lessons in a game format

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  • Teachers who inspire

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Why is it better to learn English at All Right?

Variety of courses

Study Minecraft, Animals, Singing courses, developed according to Cambridge YLE exam standards.

Variety of courses - photo

Individual lessons with each child

Thanks to this, the child gets 100% of attention and does the activities that are interesting to them.

Choose a teacher Individual lessons with each child - photo

Mobile application for children and parents

Convenient schedule planning interface, game tasks to consolidate learning material and practice pronunciation.

Mobile application for children and parents - photo

Speaking Clubs

Group classes with peers immerse the child in an English-speaking environment and help develop conversational skills.

Speaking Clubs - photo

Individual lessons with experienced teachers

Professionals who are passionate about their work, who will open up the fascinating world of the English language to your child.

Our teachers are all fully certified. They are experienced professionals in teaching children, and endure a rigorous selection process.

Fun learning

English as a second mother tongue

  • Individual lessons with a teacher
  • Classes at a convenient time anywhere
  • Lessons in a fun way

from $7.85 per lesson

Why All Right?

Feedback from parents

Vladislav and Valentine

The child (6 years old) really likes it. We attend both individual lessons and group conversation clubs (3-6 children at a time). Lessons in a fun way. Highly recommend.

Gheorghe Madalina and Gheorghe Ilinca

I am very happy with this school. My little girl had a "test" lesson, and since then every day she asks me if she has English, because she really likes it. And she is very happy with the teacher and the discounts are pleasing.

Cyril and Victoria

Good day to all. I really like English for children in your school. The child is looking forward to the lessons. We like the teacher Julia so much that I am waiting for the lesson with the child :)))

Raluca and Sara

My 4 year old girl was worried. A very kind and patient teacher, and the lessons are so exciting that the child wants the lesson to come as soon as possible

Maja i Paulina

Lessons with teacher Kamila are interesting, fun, and we really enjoy learning English with her. The teacher helps and does not mind playing educational games

Bartosz i Joanna

I recommend studying at All Right School :) My son love lessons with his teacher and literally waiting to the next one. I see his envolvement and progress. Support always helps if any question appears& Recommend

Feedback from parents around the world 4.9 out of 5
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During the trial lesson you can

  • Meet the teacher
  • Get an assessment of the child's level of knowledge and learning recommendations
  • Experience the advantages of online learning
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