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Speaking Club for children: how to help a child overcome the language barrier
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Speaking Club for children: how to help a child overcome the language barrier

Language is one of the most important aspects of communication. A language barrier can become a serious problem for a child who has encountered a foreign language environment or simply has a weak level of knowledge of a foreign language. Children's conversation clubs can become a driving force for eliminating language barriers and gaining confidence in communication.

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Why does a child have a language barrier

Causes of language problems

Usually, the language barrier arises as a result of the fact that the child does not practice speaking enough, feels afraid or is not confident in their knowledge.  Also, the lack of environment for communication in a foreign language can affect the development of speech.

It is difficult for a child to start talking without appropriate practice and the example from peers.  Therefore, it is necessary to start communicating in a relaxed environment with peers as early as possible. It is also necessary to take into account the psychological aspect of this issue.

How to determine a child's language level

Before starting language learning at the Speaking Club for children, it is necessary to determine the language level of the child. Usually, a testing is carried out, which helps to find out at what level the child is.

If the child learns the language independently or takes individual classes with a teacher or tutor, it is recommended to divide speech skills into separate components - grammar, vocabulary, correct pronunciation, speaking out loud, etc. It is also possible to take appropriate independent tests.

 What mistakes do children make in speech

Children can make various mistakes when learning a language at the initial stage. The main mistakes are related to insufficient knowledge of grammar, lack of practice in communication, lack of motivation to learn the language.

To avoid these mistakes, it is important to use the right exercises to practice speaking, regularly practice correct pronunciation and grammar, communicate with the native speaker, and stimulate the child's motivation to learn the language.

What can help a child get rid of the language barrier

Choice of English courses for children

Today there are many English language courses for children of all ages. It is important to choose courses with appropriate basic knowledge and speaking exercises that will help in speaking practice and learning the language correctly.

Teachers who work professionally to update and improve their skills can help support the child. You also need to decide whether it will be online or offline courses. The main goal is for the child to feel comfortable and achieve results.

 How to learn English at home

Дитина вчить англійську

Learning English at home is possible with the help of special books and video lessons. It is worth supporting regular language study and performing exercises to develop grammar and vocabulary.  For practice, you can also use special applications on a smartphone or computer.

It is important to focus on regularity and systematicity in language learning. The weaknesses of studying at home are the lack of dialogue and feedback. Therefore, sometimes it is difficult to cope with certain rules and structures, even for an adult.

The role of communication in removing the language barrier.  How to speak fluently 

The most effective method of learning a language is communication. Various methods can be used for this, for example, conversation clubs, discussion groups, etc. It is important to find companies with whom you can discuss topics in a foreign language, as well as participate in various competitions and marathons, which will contribute to the development of speech practice and the elimination of the language barrier.

Advantages of conversation clubs for children. How to speak fluently 

The Speaking Club is a convenient and effective form of learning, as it takes place in a cozy and friendly atmosphere.  Switching to the English language at children's conversation clubs contributes to a better perception of the material and, accordingly, facilitates the language learning process. The child leaves behind the fears, begins to repeat words and sentences after peers, understands the peculiarities of language in more detail.

We invite those willing to improve their speaking practice to the All Right 💜 Speaking Club

 I will tell you in more detail about conversation clubs - Speaking Clubs All Right.  These are group classes that are held with a teacher and peers and are available to students of our school.

 The main advantages of Speaking Clubs:

Improving conversation skills: Speaking Clubs help to develop the ability to communicate in English, improve the level of pronunciation and grammar. From the very first lessons, your child will start speaking English.

 Group format: Participating in a conversation club allows you to work as a team and improve your social skills

 Education at different levels:  Depending on the level of language knowledge, your child will attend a group whose members have the same knowledge. The child will feel comfortable. Even if the children know almost nothing, Speaking Clubs can already be held.

A variety of topics: The topics of classes in Speaking Clubs are very diverse, which allow students to discuss various topics, including current news, cultural events, etc.

Development of auditory perception: Participating in a speaking club helps students develop listening and speaking comprehension skills

Motivation to study: Speaking Clubs encourage students to learn and improve their English communication skills

Friends from different countries: Also, Speaking Clubs are an opportunity to meet and make friends with peers from different countries of the world.

Занурення в англомовне середовище (1).png

Speaking clubs are free for students of our school and are included in the package with individual lessons. Therefore, in order to participate in the speaking club, it is necessary to take a free trial lesson and buy at least one lesson.

This way, we learned that attending English speaking clubs has many advantages, for example:

First of all, attending English speaking clubs helps to improve English communication skills. This provides an opportunity to practice speaking in real situations with native speakers and other people who are also learning English.

Second, Speaking Clubs provide a relaxed and supportive atmosphere for language use, where everyone can feel comfortable and try new words and expressions.

Third, It helps to improve pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary, as well as develop listening skills and understanding of different voices, accents and speaking styles. Regular practice in an English-speaking environment contributes to a significant improvement in the level of language proficiency and increases self-confidence in communication.

Fourth, attending Speaking Clubs is a great opportunity to gain new acquaintances and expand your social network.  In such an environment, people from different countries and cultures meet to learn English. This creates an excellent opportunity to exchange thoughts, ideas and experiences from different parts of the world.

Fifth, Speaking Clubs promote tolerance and cultural diversity because they bring people from different cultures together, which helps a lot.

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