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All Right Blog Methodology
Extra courses
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Extra courses

The purpose of extra courses is to interest the child with studying. The child perceives classes as a game and easily achieves results!

During the trial lesson you can

  • Meet the teacher
  • Get an assessment of the child's level of knowledge and learning recommendations
  • Experience the advantages of online learning

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In addition to the main program, All Right students have access to interesting and useful courses. They can diversify studying or supplement it. 

To take additional courses, you can purchase lessons separately or use lessons that are already available on your balance. We are glad to introduce you to our most popular courses. 👇


Minecraft - is a course designed for fans of the famous computer game. The lessons consist of materials based on the Minecraft game. The child gets immersed in a world built of cubes and blocks, and passes the teacher's tasks in English. In the form of a game, the child easily and gladly memorizes new words and grammatical constructions, actively participates in the discussion of the game with the teacher, improves conversational skills.

A travel course is a course about countries and travel. Together with the main characters, we discover new countries and collect stickers. The child learns the practical expressions necessary for successful communication on the journey. No boring grammar – just something that will really come in handy in life. 😉

Travel Course.png

Winter Course is a course about winter activities and holidays. Together with the main characters, the children go through a quest, find a gift and learn to talk about winter topics. Perfect for winter holidays and vacations.

Winter Course.png

Phonics is designed for those who want to quickly learn letters, sound combinations and learn to read. The course consists of 30 colorful lessons. The child gets acquainted with the letters, their pronunciations and spelling, learns new words.

ENG2 (1).jpg

Singing is a course based on English songs. The child, first with the help of small vocal chants, and a little later with more complex songs, learns the correct pronunciation, replenishes vocabulary, learns new words and expressions.

ENG3 (1).jpg

Animals - suitable for children with an elementary level of English. The course will introduce the child to animals from different parts of the world, and expand their knowledge in geography and biology. After the course, the student will be able to talk about different animals, their features, appearance, habits.

ENG5 (1).jpg

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  • Certified teachers
  • Experienced in working with children from 2 years old
  • Can keep a child's attention

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