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All Right Blog Parenting blog
I am glad that I enrolled my children to All Right school
AllRight article image

I am glad that I enrolled my children to All Right school 💜

My name is Oleksandr Chardash, I am the father of two children, a 7 y.o boy and an 11 y.o girl. Currently, both of my children are students of the online English language school for children All Right 💜.

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This is how it happened 

First, we enrolled Anna three years ago, and Boris joined a year ago.  Everything happened by chance.  Earlier, I was skeptical about remote education, I believed that the main thing is direct contact between the teacher and the student. But more than three years ago, at the height of the covid pandemic, my wife and I faced a problem. 

Schools closed for quarantine, and regular teachers, at least in our school, could not effectively teach online. They just sent the assignments by email and children had to send them emails with the completed homework. Of course, children would find the correct answers on the Internet and sent them to their teachers.

With natural sciences we somehow managed to find a solution to this problem by checking the homework assignments, teaching and explaining incomprehensible topics to children, but we faced a problem with the English subject. Unfortunately, neither I nor my wife know English. There was only one way out - to choose the right online school.

We chose All Right 💜

In total, three schools were chosen from a large number of suggestions. After taking a trial lesson, we decided to choose All Right 💜.

First of all, we focused on our daughter's reaction. She immediately liked the online class — the attributes, the teacher's relaxed demeanor and, of course, Charlie. The cute cartoon fox that always accompanies the student, supports and encourages.

Frame 313404763.png

We were also told about additional benefits. It turned out that, in addition to lessons, there's an opportunity to communicate with peers at Speaking Clubs. My daughter liked it a lot, she immediately started communicating, got rid of language barriers and even found friends - Antonio from Naples and Agnieszka from Krakow. She constantly communicates with her friends, and even went to see Agnieszka for Christmas.

And a year ago, when it was time to think about Boris's education, we had no doubts about where to sign him to study English. The boy especially liked the thematic course on Minecraft. He very quickly learned all the words from the game in English. 

We also regularly attend free open lessons. It is very interesting for children. They learn everything about dinosaurs, disassemble Minecraft in detail, travel to the North Pole. I especially like the lessons on cartoons. Recently, just after watching the cartoon "Mavka" at the cinema, the school immediately organized an open lesson based on this cartoon. It was very engaging and interesting.  Children got answers to their questions and learned many new words.

In addition, we regularly receive extra materials. Sometimes we get great colorful workbooks, sometimes we get board games or flashcards, and sometimes coloring pages.

We also regularly receive thematic crosswords, which we solve in the evenings with the entire family. They are on different topics. One is about animals, the other about Harry Potter, and cartoon characters. By the way, crosswords not only help to remember new words and train memory. For the correct solution of the crossword, we receive discounts and additional lessons.

Frame 313404766.png


And about real results

Speaking of results...I can't say if my kids have enough knowledge of English for their age. But I can say that the school grades of the children are much better than they were before we enrolled the children to this school. And most importantly, they communicate freely with their peers from other countries. For me, this is an indicator of a great result.

Of course, sometimes there are technical problems or some misunderstandings. Not without it.  But, the support service solves everything very quickly.

Therefore, if you need to improve your children's English, I recommend All Right 💜. Here the child will learn with delight.

Over 600 professional teachers work at All Right
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