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All Right Blog Teacher Blog
Top 10 YouTube Channels Offering Educational Content for Students in 2024
AllRight article image

Top 10 YouTube Channels Offering Educational Content for Students in 2024

Discover the top 10 educational YouTube channels for children in 2024 that offer engaging content, helping students of all ages dive into the world of English in a fun and interesting way.

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In the fast-paced digital world, English teachers are constantly seeking innovative ways to engage children in educational content. YouTube has become a treasure trove of educational resources, providing access to a plethora of cool information and materials that benefit both teachers and students. We have compiled a list of 10 YouTube channels that teachers can easily utilize and adapt for their lessons.

KLT - Kid's Learning Tube (1.89 million subscribers)

Kid's Learning Tube offers a vast amount of educational content, with each video focusing on a specific theme. From Earth Day and vegetables to anxiety, the channel combines original educational songs with vibrant animations, creating a pleasant learning atmosphere. Playlists cover various categories such as "Earth Science," "Famous Inventors," "Motivational Songs for Kids," and more.

TED-Ed (19.2 million subscribers)

Is time a concrete concept? What is the significance of trees in cities? Why isn't the world drowning in waste? TED-Ed, known for its excellent TED talks, addresses these intriguing children's questions and many more through visually captivating animated videos. Explore thematic playlists like "Love" or "Superhero Science" and dive into TED-Ed series such as "There's a Poem for That" and "Think Like a Coder."

While the channel is particularly appealing to teenagers, many videos are suitable for younger children as well.

Netflix Jr. (15.3 million subscribers)

While mentioning Netflix may seem unusual, the platform offers some of today's most popular educational children's shows in its lineup. For example, StoryBots, Octonauts, and Ada Twist, Scientist. On Netflix Jr., you can engage with StoryBots characters as they explain the spread of the common cold, accompany Dot Calpepper in learning to be a ranger, and even find a seven-minute exercise video entertaining children while mom works out.

Netflix Jr. is aimed at preschoolers to second graders and stands out as a quite delightful channel. However, some of these videos may also capture the interest of third and fourth graders.

Art for Kids Hub (7.47 million subscribers)

Art for Kids Hub inspires creativity through step-by-step drawing lessons, allowing young artists to explore various topics and develop their creative skills.

Khan Academy Kids (220 thousand subscribers)

Khan Academy Kids, the online alternative to the well-known Khan Academy app, is designed for early school-age children. While some videos on the main channel are targeted at parents or teachers, the Circle Time playlist on Khan Academy offers stories and activities every Monday.

FreeSchool (712 thousand subscribers)

FreeSchool stands out as an excellent resource for countless homeschooling lessons. Describing itself as a "safe and friendly environment," FreeSchool aims to familiarize children with various art forms, classical music, children's literature, and natural science. Educational lessons cover individual letter learning, constellations, and exciting educational videos about interesting or famous places. FreeSchool's video lessons are particularly captivating for children from preschool to fourth grade.

Crash Course Kids (776 thousand subscribers)

Focused on science for fifth graders, Crash Course Kids is a science channel that has remained consistent for several years, offering a vast amount of engaging and child-friendly material. Students can explore topics such as gravity, food chains, Newtonian fluids, and other exciting subjects. This content is most suitable for children aged 9 to 12.

Common Sense Education (98.8 thousand subscribers)

Targeting educational environments, Common Sense Education is a channel that offers content on digital literacy and civic education, covering classes from first to twelfth grade. For teenagers, the content addresses issues such as social media and online pressure, while videos for younger children cover topics like setting boundaries, differences between personal and private information, and ensuring safety on the Internet.

SciShow Kids (1.06 million subscribers)

SciShow Kids, hosted by Jessi and her robot hamster Squeaks, answers children's questions. Topics include "Why do planes leave white trails in the sky?" and "How do temporary tattoos work?" This educational channel is especially suitable for children from preschool to fifth grade.

Rock 'N Learn (2.08 million subscribers)

Providing content for children from preschool to fifth grade, Rock 'N Learn offers top-notch online learning videos, especially emphasizing introductory lessons in second languages. The platform provides beginners with resources for learning French, Spanish, and conversational Korean. For younger children, there are interesting lessons in English phonetics, visual memory word practice, and digraph exercises. Older children can learn multiplication through rap and delve into fraction learning, all while enhancing their skills in a new language.

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