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Anna M. – tutor bahasa inggris untuk anak-anak

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Professional Teach kids, External Independent Evaluation teacher with 9 years of experience teaching English

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  • 2005 – 2010

    Ukrainian Institute of Linguistics and Management

    Linguist, Teacher of English and Italian


Pengalaman kerja

  • 2013 – 2022

    Higher Professional College of National Aviation University

    English teacher

Sertifikat dan ijazah

  • 2010

    Master Diploma - Ukrainian Institute of Linguistics and Management

    Sertifikat dikonfirmasi
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Hello and welcome! My name is Anna, and I'm thrilled to be your English teacher in our engaging online learning environment. With a passion for improving language skills and a dedication to creating a fun and supportive atmosphere, I am committed to guiding young minds through the exciting journey of learning English. By incorporating interactive activities, creative lessons, and a focus on communication, I aim to make language acquisition both enjoyable and effective. Together, we'll embark on a language adventure, building a foundation for lifelong communication and cultural understanding. I look forward to inspiring a love for English in your children and helping them reach their language learning goals!
  • Pengalaman kerja 9 years
  • Belajar dari 5 sampai 14 years
  • Pelajaran dari US$0,5
  • Berbicara: bahasa inggris, ukraina native
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