• Berufserfahrung 8 Jahre
  • Ich unterrichte: englisch
  • Ich spreche: englisch, serbisch, kroatisch, italienisch, russisch
  • Fachrichtung: TOEFL, IELTS, Lehrt Erwachsene
  • Interessen: Reading Movies Music Biking Cooking Yoga Traveling Teaching
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Über mich

Hello! My name is Nemanya, and I am a Language Coach & Translator from Central Europe. When it comes to my qualifications, I hold a Master’s Degree in Language, Literature & Culture (University of Belgrade), a TEFL/TESOL Certificate (TEFL Cambridge), and a Montessori Certificate (Montessori Association of Serbia). I've been teaching English since 2012.

As a young graduate, I participated in a number of projects revolving around human and minority rights, as well as social inclusion. As a teacher, I used to work in Italy, Russia and China. I'm used to teaching online and offline, both children and adults.

Although I have so many different interests, traveling and learning languages are my favorite hobbies. I speak English, Italian, Russian, Serbian and Croatian. I also learned Hebrew, Ancient Greek, Latin, Old-Slavonic, French, Spanish, Chinese and Korean.

As a person, I am patient, devoted, responsible, responsive, always available for my learners, punctual and supportive. My intention is to get to know my students, to understand their individual needs and therefore to give them a unique learning experience. I also prefer to say that teaching is my mission rather than my job.

  • 20132014
    University of Belgrade - School of Philology

    Language, Literature, Culture

    Master's Degree

  • 20102010
    Kindergarten Noah's Ark, Serbia

    Associate Teacher

  • 20112013
    Associazione per Ricerca e Sviluppo Sociale, Italy

    Human Rights Activist & Educator

  • 20122012
    Medialab, Italy

    Language Coach (Russian)

  • 20122012
    Traduciamo Insieme, Italy

    Interpreter & Translator

  • 20142014
    Start Talk, Russia

    Language Coach (English & Italian)

  • 20142014
    Native Speakers Club, Russia

    Language Coach (Serbian & Croatian)

  • 2014Now
    Language Life School, Spain

    Online Language Coach (Serbian & Croatian)

  • 2014Now
    Belgrade Language Coach, Serbia

    Online Language Coach (Serbian & Croatian)

  • 20152017
    OKpanda Inc., USA

    Online Language Coach (English)

  • 20182020
    Kid Castle Educational Corporation, China

    Language Coach (English)

Zertifikate und Diplome
  • 2009 Zertifikat wurde bestätigt
    Montessori Certificate - Montessori Association, Serbia

  • 2014 Zertifikat wurde bestätigt
    Master's Degree - University of Belgrade, Serbia

  • 2017 Zertifikat wurde bestätigt
    TEFL/TESOL Certificate - TEFL Cambridge, England