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6 Fun Home Tasks to Do for English Language Learners Online
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6 Fun Home Tasks to Do for English Language Learners Online

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When you were a kid, did hearing the phrase "Do your homework" make you excited? Most of us don't associate "homework" with thrilling or enjoyable recollections. One of the last things you wanted to do as a student was probably homework! What if you could make pupils enjoy doing their homework?

Here are some enjoyable homework suggestions from for English language learners to help them practice their language skills while having fun!

Even though you may be familiar with a variety of ESL games and activities for your students, choosing the appropriate assignment might be challenging. If you don't want to overwhelm your students with a tonne of material, this is especially true. Have you ever considered including games with your homework? Using karaoke music to learn English is just one of many different approaches to designing memorable courses.

Here are 6 fun and entertaining homework ideas for your ESL students:

  1. Café hopper
  2. TikTok star
  3. Let’s go to the movies
  4. Hello Mr. Teacher
  5. Interview a stranger
  6. Shine like a Karaoke star

1. Cafe hopper

Most people enjoy visiting cafés, so giving your pupils a homework assignment about one is simple. Make it mandatory for your students to visit various cafés as part of their assignment.

Secondly, think of the schoolwork they could complete in a cafe of their choosing.

Here are some creative ways to include homework into your cafe-hopping:

  • Practice placing menu orders in English.
  • Take pictures of the cafes and discuss the variations and parallels with your class.
  • In every cafe, strike up a conversation with a random stranger in English and inquire about their life.
  • Ask the barista what their preferred coffee or beverage is.
  • Your pupils will adore this stress-free assignment option, especially if they enjoy coffee or tea!

2. TikTok star

Tiktok is an entertaining social media platform where you may listen to and watch videos from creators. Also, you can see creators lip-sync to upbeat music.

Show your students some entertaining videos of popular TikTok songs being lip-synced by others, and have them practice doing one together.

  • Ask them to select their favorite TikTok song as their homework assignment.
  • Without actually posting it to TikTok, they can lip-sync to the music and download it to their camera album.
  • Ask them to present their work to the class the next time.

Your student may not be able to use TikTok, depending on their age and area. It could be simpler for older students or adults than it is for small children to use social media for this homework project.

Find a video of their favorite song online and ask a parent to record them singing if they are too young to use the app.

3. Let’s go to the movies

It doesn't sound like homework to go to the movies, does it? But, as you may already be learning, homework doesn't always have to be the same old thing!

Look for some intriguing movies that are showing nearby, or let your kids watch a movie of their choosing that is in English. Inform them that the movie they view will serve as the basis for their homework.

Here are some suggestions for assigning movie-going as homework:

  • Ask them to write a summary of the film or a summary of their favorite scene.
  • Inform them that you will need a movie review from them in your upcoming lesson.
  • With a sibling or other family member, have them perform their favorite scene from the film, then videotape it (in English, of course).
  • To go along with any drawings, ask them to create a poster promoting the film that includes text, titles, and captions.

You may always use these ESL films and TV shows as a reference if you're having trouble finding films that they can go see in a theater. The convenience of watching films at home is available to students as well.

4. Hello Mr. Teacher!

The teacher role is one that students adore playing!

This is applicable to both live and virtual ESL classes.

Inform them that the first 5 to 10 minutes of the next class activity will be their moment to shine as the teacher!

As homework, instruct them to:

  • Try to come up with one subject that they are very knowledgeable in (this might be a sport, musical instrument, game, subject, etc.).
  • Demand that they develop a list of 5 crucial details regarding their subject.
  • Inform them that they will be the teacher and impart their information in their upcoming lesson. 

They may even assign assignments to you. Enjoy yourself with this assignment concept and pretend to be the student, asking them questions when they're through. This will be well-liked by your students.

5. Interview a stranger

Interviewing someone is a fun assignment for English language learners, though it may require some parental help and direction if you are teaching children.


It encourages them to express themselves as they generate ideas.
As kids type out their questions, it helps with their writing abilities.
An enjoyable technique to learn English is through role-playing and dialogue that is encouraged by interviews.

You may have your younger pupils interview a member of the family and ask them questions about their youth.

These are some illustrations of questions you could use to teach your students:

  • When you were my age, what sort of activities did you enjoy doing?
  • What did you enjoy most about school?
  • What sports did you participate in when you were young?
  • Tell me about your childhood and how it was for you.

Ask them to pick five to ten questions, write them down, and then return to class to share their results.

6. Shine like a Karaoke star

Who doesn't enjoy some karaoke? Imagine shouting "I love rock & roll" loud and proud in the comfort of your own home.

To genuinely sing karaoke songs, you don't need to go to a karaoke bar. Online, you may find a tonne of fantastic karaoke tracks to use with your students to practice their English.

Just entering your favorite song's name into the search bar on YouTube and adding "karaoke lyrics" will get you started.

Help your students pick a song in class, then give them the assignment of looking up the internet karaoke lyrics so they can sing along.

Make them practise this song as homework! If the child is comfortable with it, you may even invite their parent to assist them in recording it.

Here are some entertaining and well-liked English language learning karaoke songs:

  • “I Will Survive” with Gloria Gaynor
  • “Livin’ on a Prayer” with Bon Jovi
  • “Summer Nights” with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John
  • “Don’t Stop Believin’” with Journey

It's not necessary for homework to be dull!

As you can see, doing homework need not be a drag!

Assigning homework that doesn't feel like homework is good because the majority of your ESL students have a lot to do even outside of class!

At AllRight, students get their home tasks automatically and teachers don't waste time their checking homework. 

You have the chance to use your creativity to motivate your students to learn English together with AllRight.


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  • Lots of students 4-12 y.o.
  • Class material 100% ready and updated
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