Classroom (Videochat)

New cool features:

– whiteboard: draw, type and post your own screenshots with exercises

– youtube sharing: copy the link to a youtube video and watch it together with your student

-presentations with complete lessons (Charlie Preschool and Charlie Starter available)

How to try the videochat with the student:

– If you used to have lessons in skype, then start a skype call with the student and explain, that you’re going to try a new cool classroom with interactive features

– Open your teacher’s dashboard, click on the lesson in the schedule and copy the videochat link

– Send this link to the student

– Ask him to disable the camera in skype and do this yourself

– Ask him to click on the link you have send and click on it too

–  Explain to the student, that he has to click “yes” or “agree” when the system asks him to allow using the microphone and camera

– If the student succeeds entering the classroom – continue the lesson there

– If the student fails entering the classroom – come back to skype and continue the lesson there without wasting the time

– After the lesson click to “Finish” it in the schedule, choose “technical issues” and write a comment that you tried the videochat with the student but something went wrong; the task of the administrators would be to contact the student and help him to set all what is needed for using the classroom.

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