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немає зауважень. дитині подобається
Friday, 09 June 8:04 PM
Student: Юра, 9 years Parent: Катерина Счастна
Преподаватель очень понравилась, но приложение постоянно вылетало.
Friday, 09 June 7:34 PM
Student: Савва, 7 years Parent: Юлия
she was very proud of her, she like teacher Raluca
Friday, 09 June 5:51 PM
Student: Maria, 6 years Parent: Lipan Raluca
Everything was good. The kid is happy to study
Friday, 09 June 5:41 PM
Student: Леонід, 6 years Parent: Аліна
We Will reschedule the trial lesson, because we have only tot 5 minutes
Friday, 09 June 5:26 PM
Student: Maria, 5 years Parent: Tudorache Corina
I ja se nadam da opet učimo nakon raspusta, divna ste profesorica ❤️
Friday, 09 June 5:05 PM
Student: Benjamin, 8 years Parent: Azra Dugonjic
Дякую,Крісса,за за урок,Захар завжди з задоволенням займається
Friday, 09 June 3:57 PM
Student: Захар, 7 years Parent: Лілія
дуже корисний урок. Дякую
Friday, 09 June 3:56 PM
Student: Марина, 7 years Parent: Анастасія
Sofia is a very good teacher. My daughter was very pleased.
Friday, 09 June 3:53 PM
Student: Liza, 8 years Parent: Vladislav Porton
трохи не чітка вимова вчителя. важко розібрати деякі слова
Friday, 09 June 3:27 PM
Student: Василина, 9 years Parent: Марія
Урок пройшов чудово. Дуже продуктивно. Вчитель завжди стараться роз'яснити незрозумілі слова на прикладах. Вчить розуміти в контексті, а не просто перекладати.
Friday, 09 June 3:11 PM
Student: Виктор, 33 years Parent: Капустяник
Good understanding between the teacher and a student
Friday, 09 June 2:55 PM
Student: Aleksander, 11 years Parent: Ewa
she was very good
Friday, 09 June 2:33 PM
Student: Glory to GodLambo, 15 years Parent: Martha Lambo
I have learned English with Diana for over A year. Diana has helped me a lot to improve my English. I can not ask for a better teacher. It has also been fun to learn English with Diana. I think everybody needs to be in one of Diana’s speaking clubs because they are also very good speaking clubs. Natan.
Friday, 09 June 1:52 PM
Student: Natan, 14 years Parent: נטליה רזניק
molto divertente è stata la lezione
Friday, 09 June 1:27 PM
Student: Matteo, 13 years Parent: gherardo tosi
thank you for the lesson. Sophie is always happy after the lessons with you.
Friday, 09 June 12:37 PM
Student: Софи, 8 years Parent: Софи
la maestra Marilena è fantastica
Friday, 09 June 12:36 PM
Student: Lorenzo, 7 years Parent: Olga Spiniello
It was difficult but interesting. I think I did it well
Friday, 09 June 9:48 AM
Student: Майк, 10 years Parent: Юлія
super! thank you!
Friday, 09 June 9:26 AM
Student: Hubert, 5 years Parent: Andrzej
Lekcja super jak zawsze :)
Friday, 09 June 9:13 AM
Student: Wojtek, 7 years Parent: Kamila
Thank You so much :)
Friday, 09 June 8:58 AM
Student: Paulina, 35 years Parent: Paulina
Cudowna lekcja, polecam 😁
Friday, 09 June 8:56 AM
Student: Halina, 5 years Parent: Maria
Bardzo fajna pani :)
Friday, 09 June 8:26 AM
Student: Natalia, 10 years Parent: Aleksandra
Моя донька дуже задоволена. Щаслива після уроку) дякую!
Friday, 09 June 8:17 AM
Student: Єва, 6 years Parent: Марина Куратник
Antony had a nice lesson with you. Thank you very much.
Friday, 09 June 7:30 AM
Student: Antony, 7 years Parent: Susanna Pisati
nie ma lepszej nauczycielki! lekcje dostosowane do dziecka, w miłej atmosferze.
Friday, 09 June 7:10 AM
Student: Henio, 5 years Parent: Marta
super! świetne zajęcia!
Friday, 09 June 7:07 AM
Student: Henio, 5 years Parent: Marta
najlepsze zajęcia, najlepsza nauczycielka!
Friday, 09 June 7:04 AM
Student: Henio, 5 years Parent: Marta
megusto. 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Thursday, 08 June 11:28 PM
Student: Vicente, 6 years Parent: Claudia
hola soy sofia y me gusto la clase siempre
Thursday, 08 June 10:58 PM
Student: Sofía, 8 years Parent: Alexandra
les cours étais vraiment super,j'ai passé de très bon momments. MERCI
Thursday, 08 June 6:27 PM
Student: Emima-Victoria, 13 years Parent: Corina
Great job! Thank you
Thursday, 08 June 6:01 PM
Student: Кейла, 7 years Parent: Инга
Keila is enjoying the lessons, thank you!
Thursday, 08 June 6:01 PM
Student: Кейла, 7 years Parent: Инга
Hi Princes, I am Marian, father of Adri and writting you on behalf of her. Thank you very much for today's lesson and your effort and patience. Adri really likes your lessons. Unfortunatelly our son, her brother did a bad joke to her which end up by sending you a negative emoticon on behalf of her. Adri really likes you and she was crying. We spoke to son as well. Once more thank you and looking forward for your next lessons. Best regards, Marian and Adri
Thursday, 08 June 5:44 PM
Student: Adriana Holá, 8 years Parent: Petra Holá
Pani Dagmara to rewelacyjny nauczyciel !!!
Thursday, 08 June 5:42 PM
Student: Michał, 4 years Parent: Michał
Merci pour cette leçon ! à bientot
Thursday, 08 June 5:02 PM
Student: Grace, 8 years Parent: Audrey G.
The best teacher
Thursday, 08 June 4:15 PM
Student: Vladko, 4 years Parent: Zuzana Lantosova
займаємося вже декілька місяців! дуже подобається викладач! Маємо гарні результати. Сину 5 років)
Thursday, 08 June 3:31 PM
Student: Максим, 5 years Parent: Тетяна
jedna z lepszych lekci
Thursday, 08 June 3:02 PM
Student: Natan, 9 years Parent: Karolina Kubus
Nicola si è divertito molto e ne vorrebbe fare subito un'altra. grazie
Thursday, 08 June 3:00 PM
Student: Nicola, 4 years Parent: Melissa Dari
Grazie della lezione maestra. E grazie per i suggerimenti.
Thursday, 08 June 2:54 PM
Student: Giulia, 7 years Parent: Nunzia Laura Giraud
Dorka really enjoyed this lesson, thank you.
Thursday, 08 June 2:37 PM
Student: Dorka, 5 years Parent: Monika chrdle
Учительница очень хорошая, урок очень понравился🤩☺️🙃🤑
Thursday, 08 June 2:06 PM
Student: Влад, 6 years Parent: Мария
Simon like the lesson and the content
Thursday, 08 June 12:23 PM
Student: Symon, 8 years Parent: Roman
Al mio figlio è piaciuta tanto! Un po' di imbarazzo e di timore all'inizio ma mi ha chiesto subito quando avremmo rifatto una lezione nuova!! L'insegnante è carina, gentilissima e molto paziente.
Thursday, 08 June 11:51 AM
Student: Michele, 6 years Parent: Roberta Coselli
We learn about some facts of the countries.
Thursday, 08 June 11:48 AM
Student: Martim Jacinto, 11 years Parent: Martim Jacinto
very nice teacher!!! my son loves the lessons with her:)))
Thursday, 08 June 11:47 AM
Student: Marcel, 8 years Parent: Elena
Дяеуємо за цікавий урок, з нетерпінням чекаємо наступної зустрічі!
Thursday, 08 June 10:34 AM
Student: Katya, 4 years Parent: Анастасія
Mi diverto tantissimo come sempre!
Thursday, 08 June 10:02 AM
Student: Gabriel, 5 years Parent: Sabrina Cannataro
Great! Thank you!
Thursday, 08 June 9:40 AM
Student: Hubert, 5 years Parent: Andrzej