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AllRight App

All Right: English learning app

Learning English has never been so easy and fun! Now your child can easily learn new words, attend interesting lessons and communicate with native speakers!

Why you'll love the All Right mobile app

Classroom for taking lessons with a teacher - photo

Classroom for taking lessons with a teacher

We have created a unique environment where your child can interact with their teacher one-on-one, complete interactive tasks, and receive rewards! They will also be able to draw and watch cartoons of our own production in English. This allows children to improve their language skills while also enjoying the learning process.

Booking lessons with a teacher of your choice, at a time convenient for you - photo

Booking lessons with a teacher of your choice, at a time convenient for you

Imagine that you now can communicate with teachers from all over the world right from your phone! In just a few clicks, you can select a suitable teacher by watching their profile video and book a lesson at a convenient time for you.

Pronunciation game - photo

Pronunciation game

The opportunity to learn by playing is not only exciting, but also effective. Our pronunciation game, equipped with unique artificial intelligence, will help your child improve their vocabulary and pronunciation, and allow you to have some free time for yourself.

Tests to check acquired knowledge - photo

Tests to check acquired knowledge

At the end of each topic, your child will do an exciting homework assignment so their teacher can understand how well the material was learned. Don't worry, you won't have to monitor your child and check their assignments, the built-in checking system will do that for you!

What our users say about the All Right app

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App Store
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Google Play

Anna Zagoruiko

13th March 2023

My son always studies with the app. It's very convenient as we travel a lot. It always works reliably, and we can see and hear the lessons well. It also has a great game for learning new words!

Alina Poddieniezhna

2nd November 2022

Very cool app. It’s convenient to plan your schedule, study when you can’t log in from your computer, and my brother loves the game with Charlie. When he isn't in the mood for a lesson, he plays with the fox instead! Thank you.

Anna Arbore

2nd June 2022

Giuseppe and Davide are fantastic and well-educated guys. My 12 year old son is now fluent in English and is so passionate about the course that he wants to continue his studies in the summer. He is also a member of a speaking club where he and a small group of children from all over the world play online games together with a teacher. Highly recommended!!!

Livija A-h

22nd November 2022

I am 11 years old and I am in the 6 grade. In the 5 grade I did not speak English very well but then my mother download All Right. I did it really well and now I'm always happy to learn English. My mistakes improved, I had almost no mistakes in all my work and tests. Thats why i give 5 stars.🥰😍🤗. it's good to have this app.

Merli Sosa

8th November 2022

I'm 12 years old and I really like it there😍😍 I recommend it, it's very good there, and they also give a booklet so that you can study 🥳viva Good: VIVA!!!!!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Maxim & Nikita

24th May 2022

The app is super, we study 5 times a week plus conversation clubs. The app has convenient navigation and prompt resolution of all issues, rescheduling a lesson, substitution, etc.

Daromira Kostenko

10th January 2023

Very good teachers, the language is not difficult to learn. Thank you very much for such a wonderful program!

Mihaela Balaceanu

29th January 2023

My child really liked it and quickly adapted to the requirements, although he had never spoken a foreign language before.

Improve your English with us - photo

Improve your English with us

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