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  • About me: a short text about yourself, 5-7 sentences, describing your life or teaching style
  • Video: make a short hello-video (1 min or less) in English (use your webcam or even your phone); send this video to the HR (interviewer) or upload to your own youtube channel and post the link here
    How to make a video and why is it important?
  • Teach students age from/to (if you teach adults of any age leave the field “to” blank)
  • Work experience: (in years)
  • Teach: what languages you are able to teach
  • Native: your mother tongue (you can choose 2 if you are bilingual by birth)
  • Speak: what other languages you can speak and understand
  • Accent: what variant of English you speak (american, british, australian; choose “other” if you are a native-speaker not from Britain, USA or Australia)
  • Specialization: choose if you teach any exams preparation or ready to teach adults
  • Interests: fill in a few of your hobbies
  • Resume: where you worked and studied
  • Certificates and diplomas: describe what certificates you have and upload the scans (will be visible only to the administration, not the students).

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