Prepare for a class

Before any class you can see the detailed information about the student you are going to work with.

Click on the lesson in your dashboard. You will see a purple pop-up, describing the student’s age, hobbies, experience in learning English, etc. Use Google Translate to translate the information from Russian to English, if needed.

Pay attention to the line “Student has preferred lessons: Classroom/Skype”. Here you can understand whether the student would wait for you in the classroom (normally) or you need to make a skype call (if the student has troubles with the classroom).

Sometimes you will also see the student’s Skype login for emergency cases. If something is wrong with the classroom, you need to inform the administrators about this immediately and try to contact the student via skype.

If the student expects you in the classroom, you can either copy the link from this pop-up or just click the button “Open lesson” on top of the page:

After opening the classroom you need to wait a little before the student appears.

If the student hasn’t appeared within 5 minutes after the class started, please contact the administrators immediately. They will call the student on the phone and find out what the problem is.

Important! If you haven’t informed the administrator about the student’s absence at the lesson, the school has the right to leave the lesson without compensation!

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