Homework (renewed!)

There are 2 types of homework a student can get at AllRight.io:

  • Automatic homework (online exercises)
  • Homework from the teacher

Automatic homework

If the teacher uses ready lessons in the classroom, the system remembers which lesson was used last. The parent gets automatic email with the contents of the class and the link to the recommended homework. The parent can also access the same “Materials” page from his dashboard at the website.

The recommended homework consists of small games, repeating the content of the lesson. The teacher can see which exercises are connected to which lesson in the menu “Materials” in the dashboard:

Unfortunately, at the moment the teacher cannot see the progress of the student with the exercises. Still, this homework is only recommended, but not obligatory.


Homework from the teacher

Some mothers prefer to get more proper homework for their children. The teacher can consult the mother after the first paid lesson (dedicate 3-5 min in the end) about the type of the homework they want. Someone prefers only to get cartoons for watching, others want to get screenshots of grammar exercises (see the additional materials in the Library).

You can attach the homework when finishing the lesson.
Click on the lesson in the dashboard and choose “Finish”:

You will see the standard window for finishing the lesson. You can tick whether the lesson went fine or with any tech issues (describe in the comment) and type the homework into the separate section:

You can also attach files for homework.
Formats allowed (size up to 15 Mb):

  • .jpg, .png, .bmp (pictures)
  • .pdf
  • .doc, .xls, .ppt (Miscrosoft Word, Exel, PowerPoint)
  • .mp3 (audio)

The student will be able to download the files from the letter he gets on email.


Please remember that sometimes students forget to do their homework. Try to be loyal and do not push on kids – better return to the homework at the next lesson. You can also write a small comment when finishing the lesson in the “comment” section, noting that the student’s progress would be better if the homework was done regularly. The parents will notice the comment and influence on the child. But again, remember – being a friend to your student is more important than being a strict teacher.

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