Country of residence and W9/W8ben forms

  • Those teachers who have already filled and sent the form were marked at the website by the methodologist. Just close this article and thank you for assistance. is a US-based company. Our official contacts are:

Virtual Mentor Inc.
USA, CITY 2711 Centerville Road, Suite 400, DE 19808
CEO: Oleg Oksyuk

According to the US law, the company needs to get a document from every teacher, stating whether this person is a US tax resident or not in order to pay our taxes at the end of the year properly.

  • Those teachers, who are US tax residents, fill W9 form . At the end of the calendar year the company issues 1099-Misc form to the teacher.
  • Those teachers, who are NOT US residents, fill W8ben form. It is enough to fill only Part 1, numbers 1,2,3,4,6,8 and sign in the end.
    Please note, that this form has legal power in the USA only; it will not be shown in your country of residence in any way; it will not influence your taxes in your country of residence; filling the form will not have any consequences in your country for you. Moreover, US government cannot check the information stated in this form in any way (but please note that your name and country of residence need to correspond to the information you gave us for salary payment).
    In case of need, the company can issue an official reference to the teacher, stating that this teacher works for and noting the income for a period of time (sometimes needed for a visa, etc.)

Where can I get the form?

When your profile is activated and you have your first paid lesson, you will see a pop-up in your Dashboard:

Please choose the needed variant and fill your name and surname. If your are NOT a tax resident of the USA, please choose your country of residence. The orange names of the forms a clickable – when you click them, you will be redirected to download the form. After confirming your country of residence you will get an email with the same notification.

General recommendations for filling the form:

  • You can download it and print it out; then fill it manually, sign it and make a scan or a high-quality photo.
  • You can fill it in the electronic version; if you don’t have an electronic signature, you can scan your signature and then crop, copy and paste it to the document.
  • Please send your forms to

If you have any more questions, please contact your methodologist (maaridfvgbh in Skype) or your interviewer.

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