Your introductory video and how important it is

When a new teacher comes to teach at All Right we strongly ask him to make a short hello-video for his profile. This is stated in Terms and Conditions which you agree with when registering.

If you still don’t have it, then please, take your time during the upcoming weekend to create it.

Requirements for the video

  • a short video up to 1 min long
  • in English
  • no editing needed
  • can be recorded with your phone (like a selfie) or with a webcam (of course, if you can make it with a regular camera, that would be great)
  • upload it to your YouTube channel (don’t forget to switch privacy off) and attach the link to the Video line in your Edit Profile menu
  • If you don’t have a YouTube channel, please send the video to to the Methodologist in Skype

Why is this so important?

  • when choosing among a couple of teacher profiles, the parents prefer the one where they can hear the teacher’s English accent and see how the teacher looks in real life
  • after watching the video, the parent already gets some expectations and there is no risk of bad surprise during your trial lesson with the student, as their expectations already coincide with the reality
  • this helps to raise the conversion rate – how well your trial students become your permanent ones

Examples of good videos

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