👩‍💻Workspace and appearance of the teacher.

  1. 🖨️Choosing and setting the workspace.
  2. 👩Teacher’s look.

The image of the teacher is an important part of communication at the lesson. Pay attention to your background and to your look to create a positive impression on the student.

🖨️Choosing and setting the workspace


  • The best background is a clean wall behind the teacher.
  • You can place a whiteboard or some colourful stickers behind yourself which can be handy at the lesson as well.
  • All Right can give you a project of a poster which you can print out and place on the wall behind yourself – this will add value to your background. 
  • Not all apartments and rooms allow to sit in front of a wall. If you have room space behind you, please make sure it looks neat and clean; take away unnecessary details (children’s toys, clothes on the bed and other mess).
  • It is a bad idea to sit in front of a window. The light behind you will be caught by your webcam and this will make your face go so dark that the student won’t be able to see you properly. 


  • The best light is from your window when it comes from the right or from the left. You can also use a desktop lamp to lighten your face.
  • If you sit opposite the window make sure your face doesn’t look too light in the webcam.
  • Don’t sit in front of a window, your face will look too dark

    👩Teacher’s look

  • A teacher’s clothes and hair should look neat. There is no special dress-code, but make sure your T-shirt has no spots from yesterday’s pizza. 

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