AllRight teacher training

⚙️Part 1. Preparing for classes.

This part of training overviews the technical basics for online teaching, the choice of workspace and the teacher’s look.

  1. ⚙️Technical basics and minimum requirements.
    • General information.
    • How to check technical parameters of my computer?
    • What if the technical parameters of my computer do not match the minimum requirements?
  1. 👩‍💻Workspace and appearance of the teacher.
    • Choosing and setting the workspace.
    • Teacher’s look.

📚 Part 2. Short theory.

This part covers the main methodological approaches, their pros and cons from the practical point of view.

  1. 🙋Communicative approach in its practical meaning.
    • Communicative approach – general facts.
    • Main principles and their practical application.
  2. ✍️Other approaches and methods to teaching English: pros and cons
    • Communicative approach – general facts.
    • Main principles and their practical application.

✏️ Part 3. Lessons structure

This part contains detailed guidelines for teaching online lessons.

  1. ▶️Introduction
    • System check
    • Basic drills 1
    • Song
    • Basic drills 2
    • Simple game
  2. ⏩Main part
    • Revision
    • Homework check (optional)
    • Presentation
    • Practice
  3. ⏹️Final part
    • Review
    • Feedback
    • Saying goodbye

Part 4. Teaching resources

Choosing the course for particular purposes, extra free online resources which can be used at the lessons.

  • Courses for children and young teenagers.
    • AllRight course
    • Similar courses
    • Grammatical courses
    • Reading courses
  • Creating an individual course according to the student’s study aims.
  • Extra resources:
  • YouTube.
  • LEGO.
  • Minecraft and other computer games.
  • Online whiteboards.
  • Websites and other online resources.
  • Involving the student’s own surrounding.

Part 5. Teaching at AllRight: easy start

Preparation to teaching at our online platform, creating and setting the profile.

  1. 📝Create and fill a profile.
  2. ⏰Set your schedule.
  3. 👁️‍🗨️Read the Terms and Conditions.
  4. ☎️Add the Administrators and the Methodologist to your contact list.
  5. ✅Add more settings to your profile before activation.
  6. 🔄Learn to confirm, finish, cancel and reschedule your lessons.
  7. 👨‍🏫Prepare for a class.
  8. 🖼️Study the Classroom interface.
  9. 📚Study the teaching materials.
  10. Complete feedbacks.

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