Change in communication process (new WhatsApp number!)

Dear teachers!

Starting from 24.02.2020 we change the process of communication. Please read the following information carefully.

Skype changes – no separate contact for methodologist

From now you have a single contact – the administrators’ skype:

No need to add Methodologist to Skype as a separate contact.

From now the methodologists will be available on the same skype as the administrators!!! 

So you can address any of your questions to our skype. If you need to ask the methodologist particularly, please add “Methodologist:” to the beginning of your message and it will be transferred to us immediately.

WhatsApp/Viber changes – a new single number + notifications

We also got a new separate WhatsApp/Viber number for teachers: +79376915960

If you want to receive notifications to your WhatsApp/Viber, please contact us FIRST to this number. After that the WA notifications will be restored. We are unable to establish the first contact ourselves, so please help us and write us a message when you read this.

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