Changes in Terms and Conditions

Dear teachers,

Please take note, we have made an update to our teacher’s Terms and Conditions. These will take effect from April 6th, 2020, but are now up on our website to review now. You shouldn’t notice much difference in your daily work with All Right, however we would like to highlight a few of the most important changes.


Lesson duration has been shortened by 5 minutes:

  •  30 minute lessons will now be reduced to 25 minutes
  • 60 minute lessons will be reduced to 55 minutes

Your pay rate will remain the same, however you will now be expected to add teacher comments after every lesson (within 12 hours after the lesson) and complete your progress reports (again, within 12 hours after the lesson. You will also be expected to be on time for each lesson, and not to leave early; the duration should never be less than 25 minutes (meaning you leave the lesson no earlier than after 25 min after its scheduled start; in case the student was late you can still leave after 25 min of the lesson’s start).


In addition to this, we have added a new billing section to your dashboard where you can view your current rate, and the amount you’ve earned for each class in real time. Please note, the standard penalties are as follows:

  • Cancellations with more than 12 hours notice: no deduction
  • Cancellations with 2-12 hours notice: -50% of lesson fee
  • Cancellations with less than 2 hours notice: -100% of lesson fee

If a student cancels within 6 hours, or is absent, teachers will still receive 75% of their normal remuneration for this lesson.

Students will also now be able to cancel lessons up to 6 hours before class time to give them added flexibility during these difficult times. We hope that this will increase student attendance and booking rates. 


In the future, we are also going to reduce the amount of time students should book in advance, but we are still working on implementing this function in our dashboard.

We are also looking to remove the lesson confirmation function so that lessons will be auto-confirmed, saving teachers time.

Our staff have also been working hard to roll out new training for teachers, as well as an optional weekly training program which should launch soon.

We are always looking for ways to improve our product, as well as our user experience, for both teachers and students so if you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to contact us!

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