A Quick Guide to the New Teaching Materials

Hello teachers!

We have received a lot of questions, as well as feedback about the new material the past few days and wanted to clarify a few things:

  1. This is the first iteration of the new material. As we are only a small team of curriculum developers, there may be some mistakes and misprints. Please let us know and we will update them straight away.
  2. Yes, the phonics sections have been removed from the course due to a high volume of complaints from parents (and teachers too) about the relevancy of phonics in the material. As stated previously, you can still access the phonics course here and a new phonics course will be live on the website next week to be used as supplementary materials for students who request it. Please avoid using this material unless the student or parent requests it because many parents fear learning the English alphabet will conflict with the development of their local language.
  3. The teacher’s notes are there to help you. If you read the teacher’s notes for each page, you will notice that we only request you to complete tasks which the students are capable of doing. If there is a writing activity and the student’s pen doesn’t work, or they actually can’t write, you can ask them to say the word, and you can fill in the answers for them. In any type of lesson it is always the teacher’s responsibility to adjust the level of the lesson based on the student’s abilities.
  4. The newly printed lyrics on the page are to help you teach the songs. Previously, the student and teacher would only watch the video together, without learning the song, and without any teacher-student interaction. Please take some time from each lesson to help the student learn the song. They don’t have to read the lyrics if they are note capable, but they can at least try to repeat after you. Please also keep in mind having more written material helps the parents to follow along, and later assist their child with their studies.
  5. As this is the first unit to be posted, you may feel like there is a bit of an issue with continuity. We understand that from the teacher’s perspective it may feel that way, but the student doesn’t know that all of the other units are in a different style, until they move to the next level. Eventually, all of the lessons will be the same, but it takes time. If you are struggling to learn who the new characters are, there is a guide here . We are also aware of the fact that the videos are in different style to the rest of the lesson, and the reason for this is that they are linked to the homework (which most of our students complete), which is in the same style. Later, we will update both the homework and the videos, stay tuned!We understand it’s stressful for both teachers and students to try to learn and adapt to new things, but we are trying to adapt a more holistic and modern approach to learning English according to CEFR standards. We hope that you will embrace this change and appreciate the time you are taking to learn a different teaching style.

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