Opt-in to teach ad lessons

What are ad lessons?

Ad lessons are lessons provided for free to influencers and marketers. These lessons are extremely important for us because they provide valuable information about our school to thousands of potential students from all around the world. These lessons are often recorded by the parents attending the lessons, and then later broadcasted to their followers along with a review about the lesson, the content and the company. For this reason, it’s very important that you show the company in a positive light.

3 reasons to offer ad lessons:

– You get paid double! That’s right, for every ad lesson you teach, you will get paid 2x your normal salary for a 25 minute lesson.

– Your lesson will be seen by a wide audience of students! When an influencer posts their review of your lesson to their social media, it will be viewed by thousands of potential students, giving you more chances to meet new students.

– You can improve your ranking! For every successful ad lesson completed, your performance score will increase the same as if 2 students bought trials from you.

And as a bonus, you will be helping advertise AllRight 😊

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up to teach ad lessons here.

PS – As a reminder, from October 1st, students have now had the capability to book lessons up to 4 hours before the lesson start time, so please, monitor your schedule carefully and close any slots you do not intend to teach.

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