Trial lessons and Additional courses

Additional courses

Earlier if the student came to us after some special marketing campaign, like ‘take your free English lesson about Maincraft / Animals / Phonics / Singing’ there were situations with misleading. Teachers didn’t see ‘Wishes for learning’ in Student card, and system didn’t always collected this data well. As a result, teachers opened presentations from our General courses on this trials, and users told us they were unhappy about it.What we did – we added auto opening presentations at the begining of trials for this special users. So now each time a new student comes to us after marketing campaign about Additional course, our system opens the right presentation in the classroom.You can see it on the screenshot below.

Test before a trial lesson

All new students have an opportunity to take a placement test before a trial. You can see the result of such test in the chat during the lesson. It will help you  identify the student’s level better. In case the student hasn’t taken it, you will see the note: “The student hasn’t taken placement test before lesson”.

Result of your regular student’s last homework

We’ve added an oppotunity for you to see the result of your regular student’s last homework inside the classroom. Click on the Student’s card and you’ll see how many tasks the student has completed. Please follow the link and discuss your student’s homework together.

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