New Rating System for Teachers

Hello teachers!
This week we have introduced a new rating system to help match the best teachers in our company to new students.

The total of your score is made up of the following:

30% = performance (trial conversions, student retention)
20% = attendance (includes short notice cancellations, long notice cancellations, no-shows, and punctuality)
15% = teacher feedback (progress reports, feedback after trials, and feedback after paid lessons)
15% = quarterly quality assessment score
10% = student satisfaction (student reviews)

The rules for this system are:

– The rate is calculated based on the last 200 lessons conducted by the teacher during the past 90 days.
– Lessons canceled by the student or an administrator are not taken into account
– Teachers are ranked in the system based by rating (the higher your rating = the higher you appear on the teacher’s list to students)
– New tutors will remain on the top of the list until they conduct their first 20 lessons and have received a quality assessment.
This system is now being implemented internally, so it might not show up in your dashboard for a while. If you would like to know your current rating, feel free to request your score from us and we’ll be happy to provide it for you!