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Top 5 Tools for ESL Teacher: PART 2
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Top 5 Tools for ESL Teacher: PART 2

These "Top 5 Tools for ESL Teachers" encompass a range of innovative resources, from interactive quizzes to comprehensive ESL materials, designed to engage and empower both educators and students in the dynamic world of English as a Second Language instruction.

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Welcome to the second installment of our series on the "Top 5 Tools for ESL Teachers." In today's fast-paced and interconnected world, English as a Second Language (ESL) education has never been more important. As educators strive to provide effective and engaging learning experiences for their students, the right tools can make all the difference. 

In this article, we will explore five more indispensable tools that can empower ESL teachers to inspire, educate, and connect with their students in exciting and innovative ways. Whether you're a seasoned ESL instructor or just starting your teaching journey, these tools are sure to enhance your teaching arsenal and create a more dynamic and interactive classroom experience. So, let's dive in and discover the tools that are shaping the future of ESL education.

1. TriviaMaker


What is it? 

It is an interactive online platform designed specifically for educators, including ESL teachers, to create engaging quizzes, games, and learning activities. This user-friendly tool offers a wide range of customization options, making it easy to tailor content to meet the unique needs of your ESL classroom.

How to get it? 

To access TriviaMaker, you can visit their website at Once there, you can sign up for an account, with options for both free and paid plans, depending on the features and functionality you require. The platform is accessible through web browsers, ensuring compatibility across various devices and operating systems.

What for? 

TriviaMaker serves as a versatile resource for ESL teachers in several ways:

  • Engaging Learning Activities: ESL teachers can create interactive quizzes, flashcards, and games to make learning English fun and engaging for their students.
  • Customizable Content: The platform allows educators to tailor content to match the language proficiency levels and specific topics they are teaching. This flexibility ensures that lessons are relevant and effective.
  • Assessment and Progress Tracking: TriviaMaker provides tools for teachers to assess student progress through quizzes and track their performance over time. This feature aids in identifying areas where students may need additional support.
  • Collaborative Learning: Teachers can encourage collaborative learning by creating group activities and competitions, fostering a supportive and interactive classroom environment.
  • Remote Teaching: TriviaMaker is particularly valuable for ESL teachers conducting virtual or blended learning, enabling them to maintain student engagement and participation in online settings.

Example: For example, an ESL teacher preparing a lesson on vocabulary related to travel and tourism could use TriviaMaker to create a quiz featuring images of various travel destinations and corresponding English terms. Students could then compete in teams to match the images with the correct vocabulary words, making the learning process enjoyable and memorable. The teacher can also review individual and team performance to identify areas where students may need further instruction, ensuring a comprehensive and effective learning experience.

TriviaMaker has a few modes to try and have fun.

  1. Grid Mode Jeopardy Style
  2. List Mode
  3. Classic Trivia Mode

With a premium account, you can also access:

  • Wheel mode 
  • Tictactoe
  • Assignments
  • More teams per game
  • Fully customizable

You can download and print the questions and the answers. You have different ways to play the games:

  • basic (with one computer)
  • controller+presenter (a computer and a device to present)
  • crowd mode (present and sts play with their own devices)

2. Flucky


What is it? 

It is a versatile and user-friendly online random name picker tool. It is designed to simplify the process of randomly selecting names, making it a valuable resource for ESL teachers in various classroom scenarios.

How to get it? is accessible through any web browser, making it easily available to ESL teachers and educators. You can visit the website at and start using it immediately without the need for any downloads or installations.

What for? 

ESL teachers can benefit from in the following ways:

  1. Select a random student: to start an activity, get a reward, and be the helper
  2. Select a topic to work with: pick a topic for sts to research 
  3. Conversation starters: add some questions for sts to answer to start the class

Example: Imagine an ESL teacher who wants to encourage active participation during a vocabulary quiz. They can input all the students' names into and use it to randomly select the order in which students will answer questions. This approach keeps everyone on their toes and ensures that each student has an equal chance to demonstrate their language skills. Additionally, it can help shy or hesitant students feel more at ease, knowing that participation is random and not based on favoritism. simplifies this process and adds an element of excitement to the classroom, making it a valuable tool for ESL teachers.

3. Wordle


What is it? 

It is an online word puzzle game that challenges players to guess a five-letter word within six attempts. Inspired by the popular game Wordle, MyWordle is an engaging and educational tool that can be used in ESL classrooms to enhance vocabulary and critical thinking skills.

How to get it? 

MyWordle is accessible through its website at There is no need to download or install any software. It's a free and user-friendly tool that can be readily used by ESL teachers and students alike.

What for? 

ESL teachers can use MyWordle for several educational purposes:

Vocabulary Building: MyWordle challenges students to think critically and creatively to guess words within a limited number of attempts. This promotes vocabulary retention and encourages students to explore new words in context.

Problem Solving: The game requires players to use deductive reasoning and process of elimination, which are essential skills in language learning. Students must think strategically to guess the target word correctly.

Interactive Learning: MyWordle can be used as a fun and interactive warm-up activity or a vocabulary review exercise. It adds an element of gamification to the ESL classroom, making learning more engaging.

Group Activity: ESL teachers can turn MyWordle into a collaborative activity by having students work in pairs or small groups to solve the puzzle together. This promotes teamwork and peer learning.

Time Management: Teachers can set time limits for each round of MyWordle, encouraging students to think quickly and make efficient use of their language skills.

Example: In an ESL classroom, the teacher can project MyWordle on the screen at the beginning of the lesson. The class can work together to solve the puzzle, with students taking turns suggesting words and the teacher revealing which letters are correct and in the right position. This cooperative activity not only helps students expand their vocabulary but also enhances their communication skills as they discuss possible word choices in English. It's a fun and engaging way to kick off a lesson or to reinforce vocabulary learning.



What is it? 

It is a comprehensive online resource for English as a Second Language (ESL) learners and teachers. It offers a wide range of free materials and tools to support English language acquisition, making it a valuable hub for ESL education.

How to get it? 

Accessing Rong-Chang is simple and doesn't require any registration or downloads. You can visit the website directly at and explore its extensive collection of ESL resources.

What for? 

rong-changESL teachers and learners can benefit from Rong-Chang in several ways:

ESL Lessons and Exercises: Rong-Chang provides a variety of ESL lessons, quizzes, and exercises covering grammar, vocabulary, listening, and reading comprehension. Teachers can use these materials to supplement their lessons, and students can use them for self-study.

Listening Comprehension: The website offers audio resources, including podcasts and dialogues, to help learners improve their listening skills. These materials often come with transcripts and comprehension questions.

Reading Practice: Rong-Chang features a vast selection of reading passages with comprehension questions, making it an excellent resource for ESL learners looking to enhance their reading skills.

Grammar and Vocabulary: ESL teachers can find grammar explanations and vocabulary lists to support their instruction. Learners can access these resources for independent study and practice.

Idioms and Slang: The website includes sections dedicated to idiomatic expressions and slang, which are essential for learners aiming to understand conversational English.

ESL Links: Rong-Chang provides links to other ESL websites, making it a gateway to a broader range of online resources for both teachers and students.

Example: Suppose an ESL teacher is working with intermediate-level students who need to improve their listening skills. The teacher can use Rong-Chang's listening comprehension resources, selecting audio clips with transcripts and comprehension questions that are suitable for the students' proficiency level. Students can listen to the audio, read along with the transcript, and then answer questions to assess their understanding. This not only enhances their listening skills but also reinforces their reading and comprehension abilities. Rong-Chang serves as a one-stop platform for a wide array of ESL materials, making it a valuable tool for both educators and learners in the ESL community.

5. Genially


What is it? 

It is a versatile and interactive online platform that allows users, including educators and ESL teachers, to create visually engaging and interactive content. It offers a wide range of tools and templates for designing presentations, infographics, interactive maps, quizzes, and more. is designed to make content creation easy, dynamic, and engaging.

How to get it? 

To access, simply visit their website at The platform offers both free and premium subscription options, with varying levels of features and functionality to suit your needs. It's accessible through web browsers, making it available across different devices and operating systems.

What for? genially

ESL teachers can leverage for a multitude of educational purposes:

Engaging Lessons:'s interactive features can transform traditional lessons into dynamic and engaging experiences. Teachers can create interactive presentations or infographics to explain complex concepts, making learning more accessible.

Visual Aids: ESL learners often benefit from visual aids. allows teachers to design eye-catching graphics, charts, and diagrams to illustrate language points, vocabulary, and grammar rules effectively.

Interactive Quizzes: The platform enables educators to design interactive quizzes and assessments, fostering active learning and immediate feedback for students. This is especially valuable for reinforcing language skills.

Collaborative Projects: supports collaborative work by allowing multiple users to edit and contribute to a project simultaneously. ESL teachers can use this feature to facilitate group projects, enhancing teamwork and communication skills.

Multimedia Integration: Teachers can embed videos, audio clips, and external web content seamlessly into their creations, enriching the learning experience with multimedia resources.

Online Accessibility: With its cloud-based nature, is well-suited for remote and online teaching, enabling educators to create and share interactive content with students regardless of their physical location.

Example: Consider an ESL teacher who wants to teach a lesson on travel and culture. They can use to create an interactive presentation with images, maps, and clickable elements. Students can explore different countries by clicking on map markers, view images of famous landmarks, and access additional information about each location. This interactive approach not only helps students learn about different cultures and places but also enhances their language skills by engaging them in a visually rich and immersive learning experience. empowers ESL teachers to create content that captures students' attention and fosters active learning.


In the realm of ESL education, these "Top 5 Tools for ESL Teachers" introduced in this article offer innovative avenues for enhancing classroom experiences. From the interactive quizzes of TriviaMaker to the engaging simplicity of's random name picker, these tools captivate students' attention and foster active participation. MyWordle challenges learners to expand their vocabulary and critical thinking skills through an enjoyable word puzzle game. Rong-Chang's comprehensive library of free ESL resources serves as a valuable one-stop shop for both teachers and students. Lastly, empowers educators to create dynamic and visually appealing content, elevating the overall learning experience. Incorporating these tools can revolutionize ESL education, making online learning engaging, enjoyable, and effective.


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